Eurema blanda (Boisduval)
(Lepidoptera: Pieridae)

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Eurema blanda belongs to the butterfly family Pieridae (Yellows and Whites). Adult E. blanda are distinct yellow, small butterflies, with black marginal marks on the wings and have well developed forelegs with forked claws. The females lay about hundred eggs in clusters on the underside of new leaves. During the five larval instars, the yellow, hairless caterpillars successively defoliate the host tree. Pupae or pupal exuviae are often abundant on infested trees.

The symptoms of Eurema blanda infestation are:

  • leaflets skeletonized
  • during severe infestation host can be completely defoliated
  • often pupal exuviae abundant on skeletonized leaves
  • mostly young trees are affected

In general, there is a number of destructive Pieridae pests feeding mainly on leguminous and cruciferous crops.

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Michael F. Schneider, 1999