Termite Pests (4):
Microcerotermes biroi (Desneux)
(Isoptera: Termitidae)

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Microcerotermes biroi soldiers are mandibulate with large, singly serrate jaws

Host Species: Eucalyptus deglupta and other hosts of any age

Effects on Host: Microcerotermes biroi does not attack living trees but feeds on dead branches, introducing heart rot into living host

Type of Nest: arboreal nest

Economic Significance: severe pest

Signs of an Attack:

  • water collects in hollows caused by Microcerotermes and results sooner or later in the introduction of fungal heart rot (Phellinus spp.)
  • the outer surface of the nest is rough and shows a winding structure

head of a Microcerotermes biroi soldier
(reproduced from CSIRO, 1991)

Comparison of Nasutiternes novarumhebridarium and Microcerotermes biroi
(drawing John Dobunaba, reproduced from Roberts, H., 1987)

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Michael F. Schneider, 1999