Crusader Bug
Mictis profana)
(Hemiptera: Coreidae)

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The Crusader Bug Mictis profana belongs to the hemipteran family Coreidae or squash bugs. These bugs are typically large-sized, elongate-oval, have brownish body colours and release strong repellent odours. The membranous part of the hemelytra is many-veined. The hind legs have stout femora and expanded or spined tibiae. Squash bugs preferably suck on various legumes, Eucalyptus, Cucubitaceae, etc. The crusader bug Mictis profana can be easily recognised by the yellowish cross-like markings on the closed hemelytra. It feeds on shoot tips of Acacia spp. causing them to wilt. Crusader Bugs have five larval instars. Male and female adults look different, a phenomenon that is called sexual dimorphism. The ventral side of the male crusader bug Mictis profana is red and has two humps, the underside of the female is brownish and lacks the two humps.

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Michael F. Schneider, 1999