Amerila bipartita (Rothschild)

Male. Fw length 24-28 mm; fw pale brownish grey to greyish white (almost white in worn specimens), discal and postdiscal area between the radius and vein m3 transparent; fw veins finely lined with darker scales, broader along the discal vein; hw dorsally yellowish brown, darker towards the apex and outer margin, near the inner margin covered with long, hair-like scales; hw ventrally pale ochre, along the outer margin near the anal angle in most specimens large patches of a creamish white secretion (?); hw shape concave along the outer margin, with a distinct short projecting edge at the anal angle. Head, thorax, and outer sides of femora and tibiae greyish white; inner sides of femora, tibiae, and tarsi dark yellow; tegulae with a single faint black spot basally. Abdomen dorsally yellow, ventrally pale greyish brown, without obvious androconial organs.
Female. Unknown.

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Male genitalia
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view on leftside of vinculum and valva, lateral view inner side of right valva tegumen/uncus, dorsal view aedeagus with vesica everted
Uncus very small, triangular, and distally blunt. Valvae medium-sized, oval-shaped, distally not rounded, outer surface with long, extrusible, tube-like coremata; inner sclerotized process short, strongly curved and apically blunt, with several short spines along the outer side. Vesica medially with two large, strongly curved, hook-like cornuti.
East and South Africa; from southeastern Kenya to South Africa (Transkei).
For much of its range, A. bipartita occurs sympatrically with A. brunnea ssp. bipartitoides (see below) from which it is best distinguished externally by the presence of a concave outer hindwing margin and a distinct short projection at the anal angle. The holotype of A. bipartita is a fairly worn specimen in which the fw are weakly scaled and appear almost white.
Rhodogastria bipartita Rothschild, 1910: 186. Holotype male (examined): Tauta [= Taita], vii.1891 / Rhodogastria bipartita Rothsch. Type / Rothschild Bequest, B.M.1939-1 / Type / Arctiidae genitalia slide No. 4372 [BMNH: abdomen dissected]. Type locality: KENYA: Taveta.
Additional material examined. KENYA: Coast: Taveta: Kitobo Forest, iii.1971 (1 male, NMKE), Taita: Tsavo West, Ngulia Safari Camp, 1200 m, 17.iii.1989 (1 male, ITZA), 14.xii.1991 (2 males, MB). TANZANIA: Tanga: Mal.Inst. Amani, iv.1962 (1 male, BMNH); Urugura-Berge, 13.i.1962 (1 male, ZSSM). MALAWI: Southern: Mt.Mlanje, Lujeri Tea Estates, 6.xii.1970 (1 male, NMBZ). MOZAMBIQUE: Serra Rotanda, Mussopa R.Forest, 13.iii.1973 (2 males, NMBZ). ZIMBABWE: Melsetter: Mount Selinda, 31.iii.1981 (1 , NMBZ); Haroni River, Chimanimani, 18.ix.1995 (1 male, NMBZ). SOUTH AFRICA: Transkei: Pondoland, Port St.John, 15.-31.viii.1923 (1 , BMNH).