Amerila bubo (Walker)

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male female male female
Male. Fw length 26-32 mm; wings, head, thorax, and base of abdomen white; all wings weakly scaled, partly transparent, fw veins dark; fw costa with a short, broad areole near the base; hw outer margin slightly concave towards the anal angle. Head at the clypeo-frons with an erect tuft of scales pointing dorsally; tegulae with a single, usually faint black spot basally; outer sides of legs white, inner sides of femora, tibiae, and tarsi yellow. Abdomen dorsally pale yellow, ventrally white; laterally in the membraneous area posterior segment VIII on both sides with brush-like androconial organs of long, hair-like androconial scales anterior to the genital apparatus.
Female. As male, fw slightly weaker scaled; areole at fw costa absent, and without tuft of scales on the forehead; hw outer margin less concave. The abdomen with the same conspicuous hairpencils located laterally at segment VIII as in male.
Male genitalia
bubo a.gif (3596 Byte) bubo b.gif (6999 Byte) bubo c.gif (2439 Byte) bubo d.gif (7749 Byte)
view on leftside of vinculum and valva, lateral view inner side of right valva tegumen/uncus, dorsal view aedeagus with vesica everted
Uncus long, narrow, and terminally bifurcate. Valvae large, oval-shaped, distally not rounded; outer surface with extrusible, long and slender tube-like coremata; inner sclerotized process long and almost straight, finely serrated along the dorsal side. Vesica distally with two small, slightly curved, parallel cornuti fused at their base, and with a conical sclerotization at the opening of the ductus ejaculatorius.
Female genitalia
Bursa copulatrix small, without an appendix; ductus bursae narrow, corpus bursae with longitudinal, denticulate signa, bifurcate anteriorly.
Central, East, and South Africa; from Zaire and Southern Ethiopia to Angola and South Africa.
This species is similar to A. catinca and A. shimbaensis, specimens of which have formerly been united under A. bubo (see below). From both species A. bubo can be distinguished by its white hw, and the tuft of scales on the frons as well as the short fw costal areole present in males.
Canopus bubo Walker, 1855: 747. Holotype male (examined): Congo, A.Curror, 43-56 / 1. Canopus Bubo. / Type / Arctiidae male Genitalia Slide VU no. 6.54 / Arctiidae genitalia slide No. 3036 [BMNH; abdomen dissected].Type locality: ZAIRE.

Additional material examined. ZAIRE: Shaba: Elisabethville [= Lubumbashi], 4.i.1949 (1 female, ZSSM), 11.-12.viii.1958 (1 male, 1 female, ZSSM); Haut-Zaire: Ituri, Nioka, 1750 m, i.-ii.1975 (2 males, SMNS), v.-xi.1976 (12 males, 2 females, SMNS); Kivu: Lwiro, vii.1965 (1 male, SMNS), 15.i.1967 (2 males, SMNS), ii.-iii.1967 (1 male, SMNS), Jirangi, vii.1965 (1 male, SMNS), Irangi, Hombo, v.1967 (19 males, 19 females, SMNS, ZFMK), Irangi, 850 m, 20.ix.-7.x.1993 (1 female, SMNS). RWANDA: Kigali, 7.i.1981 (1 male, ZMUC). UGANDA: Western: E. Ruwenzori, 7,000 ft., 2.iv.1906 (1 male, BMNH); Central Province: Entebbe, 1905 (1 male, BMNH); Kisoro, 7.x.1970 (1 male, NMBZ). ETHIOPIA: Jlubabor: Gore, 2007 m, 35°31'E 8°8'N, 8.-23.xii.1959 (2 females, SMNS); Gwejam: Bahar Dar, 23.x.-1.xi.1968 (3 males, 6 females, SMNS); Kefa: Jimma, 1779 m, 36°49'E 78°39'N, 5.-29.i.1960 (1 male, 5 females, SMNS), 6.-11.v.1967 (1 male, ZMUC); Gemu-Gwefa: Gidole, 2200 m, 37°26'E 5°34'N, 23.ii.-5.iii.1960 (2 females, SMNS). KENYA: Western: Kakamega, 23.iv.1973 (1 male, ZSSM), Kakamega Forest, 2.vii.1980 (1 male, MB); Kericho, vii.1982 (1 female, BJ); Nyeri: Aberdares mts., The Ark, 11.xii.19991 (1 male, 2 females, MB); Meru: Nkubu, 1500 m, 12.-25.x.1982 (1 male, WT); Central: Limuru Forest, 4.viii.1972 (1 male, 1 female, ZSSM); Nairobi, 27.ix.1970 (1 female, ZSSM), Nairobi, Karuna Forest, 20.vii.1973 (1 female, ZSSM); Taita: Tsavo West, Ngulia Safari Camp, 1200 m, 17.iii.1989 (1 male, ITZA), ii.1984 (1 male, 1 female, MB); Kwale: Shimba Hills, (4 males, MB). TANZANIA: West Lake: Bukoba, Minziro For., 1180 m, 4.ii.1995 (1 male, BJ); Mwanza: Nyanza, Südende des Victoria, Insel Ukerewe, v.193 (1 male, ITZA); Kigoma: Tubira Forest, 1100 m, (1 female, BJ), 21.vii.+4.viii.1989 (2 males, BJ), Luegele, Mibanga, 24.v.1965 (1 male, BJ); Rukwa: Mpanda, Nkungwe, c.1150 m, 9.ii.1956 (1 male, BJ), Mpanda, Sibweza, 1100 m, 11.iii.1966 (1 female, BJ); Arusha: nr.Tarangira Nat.Park, Babati, 4°12'S 35°45'E, 31.iii.1995 (2 males, 3 females, SMNS); Mt.Meru Nat. Park, 2000 m, 7.vii.1970 (1 male, ZMUC); Chagga: Makoa [near Moshi], iv.1959 (1 female, SMNS); Tanga: Mal.Inst. Amani, vi.1965 (1 female, BMNH); Iringa: Iringa, 17.ii.1972 (1 female, BJ); Morogoro: Uluguru Mts., Morningside, 1200 m, 30.ii.1982 (1 male, BJ); Dar Es Salaam, (1 male, ZMUC); Ruo Valley, Port E.Africa, iv.1913 (1 male, BMNH); Bumbuli bei Mombo, 1250 m, 25.+30.iv.1933 (1 male, 1 female, SMFM); Mweka, 1.vii.1970 (1 female, ZMUC); Kidugallo, 1952 (1 female, ZMUC). ANGOLA: Cuanza Norte: 30 km N Ouiculungo, Ganzele, 27.ix.1957 (2 females, ZSSM). ZAMBIA: Kopperbelt: Ndola, Fatima School, 31.xii.1972 (1 female, ZSSM). MALAWI: Nyasaland, Mlanji Boma, 2,400 ft., 26.iv.-4.v.1910 (2 females, BMNH), Nyasaland, Mt.Mljanje, 4.vii.1913 (1 male, BMNH), 28.ix.1913 (1 female, BMNH), Nyasa, Mlanje, ii.1923 (1 male, BMNH). NAMIBIA: Ovamboland: Andoni Plains, 18°29'S 16°48'E', 4.- 5.iii.1994 (1 male, SMWN). ZIMBABWE: Salisbury, 20.iv.1963 (1 male, NMBZ); Umtali: Xmas Pass, 15.-16.iii.1926 (2 males, 1 female, BMNH), Chitara Hills, Banti Forest, above 5000 ft, 4.ix.1967 (1 female, NMBZ); Vumba, 18.v.1974 (1 male MB), 12.x.1993 (2 males, MB); Melsetter: Mount Selinda, Chirinda Forest, 24.ix.1973 (1 male, NMBZ). Muller (1980: 78) lists several specimens of A. bubo from South Africa in TMPR.