Amerila nigrivenosa  (Grünberg )

Male. Fw length 26 mm; fw and hw whitish, weakly scaled and largely transparent, fw veins dark. Head, thorax and base of abdomen dorsally dark ivory-coloured; tegulae with a single black spot anteriorly; outer sides of femora and tibiae yellowish white, inner sides and tarsi red. Abdomen dorsally red, yellowish white at its base and towards the tip, laterally on the pleural region with a single black stripe, ventrally whitish grey, without obvious androconial organs.

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Male genitalia
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view on leftside of vinculum and valva, lateral view inner side of right valva tegumen/uncus, dorsal view aedeagus with vesica everted
Uncus very small, short, broad triangular and distally blunt. Valvae large, oval-shaped, outer surface with long extrusible, hirsute, tube-like coremata; inner sclerotized process short, slightly curved and finely serrated. Vesica T-shaped, with two large, curved, parallel cornuti which are fused at their base at one end, and 10 - 15 small, straight cornuti arranged parallel in 2 - 3 rows at the other end; opening of ductus ejaculatorius located centrally, somewhat sclerotized.
Central Africa; Rwanda.
So far only known from the male holotype. The distinct sclerotizations of the vesica support the species status of this taxon and clearly separate it from all other African Amerila species. 
Rhodogastria nigrivenosa Grünberg, 1910: Societas entomologica, 24, 146. Lectotype male (here designated): C.Afr. Kiwu-S., Kissenji, v.Stegmann S.G. / Rhodogastria nigrivenosa Grünb, Type ! / Type / Type / Genital-Präparat Nr. 91-43 Chr.Häuser / Lectotypus, Rhodogastria nigrivenosa Grünberg, 1910, designated by Häuser & Boppré [MHNU; abdomen dissected]; note: the specimen had been severely damaged and all wings were apparently once broken off; the left hindwing has been glued onto the right side of the specimen upside down, and the right wing has been fixed to a piece of cardboard. Type locality: RWANDA: Gisenye.