Amerila niveivitrea  (Bartel )

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male female
Male. Fw length 26-29 mm; wings, head, thorax, and base of abdomen white; wings weakly scaled, partly transparent, veins of fw dark; fw costa with a long areole from base up to one third of the wing, broad at base and gradually tapering distally. Antennae brown, red at the base; tegulae with a conspicuous black spot anteriorly and another, usually faint spot posteriorly; legs red, lateral sides of mid and hind femora white. Abdomen dorsally red, ventrally white; medially at intersegmental membrane between sternites III and IV an extrusible brush with long, hair-like scales inside a pocket.
Female. As in male, except for the abdominal androconial organ and without an areole in fw costa; abdominal sternite VI sharply pointed at the posterior end laterally at both sides.
Male genitalia
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view on leftside of vinculum and valva, lateral view inner side of right valva tegumen/uncus, dorsal view aedeagus with vesica everted
Male genitalia (Plates). Uncus short, broad triangular, and distally with a short pointed tip. Valvae large, almost square-shaped, outer surface with long extrusible, hirsute, tube-like coremata; inner sclerotized process large and smooth, curved, strongly bent towards the pointed tip. Vesica distally with a single large, curved, apically pointed cornutus strongly bent at its base.
Female genitalia. Bursa copulatrix with several signa, distally with a small, papilla-like appendix bursae.
West, Central, and East Africa; from southern Mali and Côte d'Ivoire to Cameroon and Angola; in Zaire, Uganda, and in eastern Africa from southern Ethiopia to Tanzania.
This species had been synonymized by Hampson (1920: 515) with A. bubo, but subsequent authors accepted it as a separate species (Gaede, 1926; Goodger & Watson, 1995). Muller (1980: 88) called it Rhodogastria cinyra in his unpublished thesis.
Rhodogastria niveivitrea Bartel, 1903: 208. Lectotype male (here designated): N.-Kamerun, Rangwe 1000 m, v.99, G.Conrad S. / Rhodogastria niveivitrea Bartel; 41150 / Genital-Präparat Nr. 91-38 Chr. Häuser / Lectotypus, Rhodogastria niveivitrea Bartel, 1903, designated by Häuser & Boppré [MNHU; abdomen dissected]. Type locality: CAMEROON: Rangwe, 1000 m.
 Additional material examined. MALI: Banamba, 15.vii.1972 (1 female, ITZA). BURKINA FASO: Bobo, 9.viii.1975 (1 male, ZSSM). Côte d'Ivoire: Badenou S Mbingué, 9.50 N, 5.50 W, 10.-12.xi.1983 (1 male, 1 female, RS), 30.xi.1983 (1 female, RS); Séguébé SE Sirasso, 9.11 N, 6.03 W, 11.xi.1983 (4 males, 1 female, RS), 21.-29.xi.1983 (2 males, 2 females, RS); Marahue-Ranch bei Mankono, 330-400 m, 8.22 N, 6.23 W, 15.xi.-15.xii.1981, (4 males, 1 female, RS), xii.1983 (1 male, RS), 28.v.1986 (1 male, 1 female, RS), (1 male, RS); 15 km E Bouaflé, Pakodji near Degbézéré, 14.xi.1983 (1 female, ITZA), 1.xii.1983 (1 female, ITZA), 6.ii.1984 (1 male, ITZA). GHANA: Ashanti: Kwadoso, 26.+29.iv.1995 (2 males, MB), 29.v.1995 (1 female, MB); Eastern: Abetifi, 24.-31.viii.1993 (1 male, 2 females, LK); Kete-Krachi, 1924 (1 female, BMNH); Anfoega, 1956 (1 female, AMES), 1.iv.1959 (1 male, AMES). TOGO: near Lama-Kara, road to Bafilo, 9°30'30''N, 1°12'30''E, 11.+20.xi.1987 (2 females, GA). BENIN: Lama Forest nr. Bohicon, 9.-17.xii.1992 (2 males, 5 females, MB). NIGERIA: Oyo: Ibadan, i.-vi.1954 (2 females, ZMUC); Federal Capital Territory: Abuja, ix.1981 (1 male, 1 female, ZFMK); Kaduna: Kaduna, 9.vii.1970 (1 female, ZSSM), 28.vii.1971 (1 female, ZSSM), 26.x.1971 (1 female, ZSSM). CAMEROON: Sud-Ouest: Buea, 1000-1200 m, 1.-10.xi.1910 (1 female, MNHU); Victoria, 1892 (1 male, 1 female, MNHU); Nord: Adamaoua, ca. 20 km S Minim, 6.49 N, 12.52 E, 1200 m, 14.iii.-6.iv.1979 (1 female, BGSS). ZAIRE: Shaba: Elisabethville [= Lubumbashi], 12.+14.xi.1958 (2 females, ZSSM); (MRAC). UGANDA: Masindi: Budongo Forest, Souso, vii.-viii.1995 (2 males, SMNS). ETHIOPIA: Jlubabor: Gore, 2000 m, 8.-27.xii.1959 (2 males, 1 female, SMNS); Kefa: Jimma, 1770 m, 5.-29.i.1960 (3 males, 3 females, SMNS), 6.-11.v.1967 (1 male, ZMUC). KENYA: Kakamega: Kakamega Forest, 4.-5.vii.1980 (3 males, 2 females, MB), iv.1988 (5 males, 2 females, MB). TANZANIA: Kigoma: Tubira Forest, 1100 m, 29.iv.1989 (1 female, BJ). ANGOLA: Cuanza Norte: 30 km N Ouiculungo, Canzele, 18.x.1957 (1 male, ZSSM); Cuanza Sul: 30 km von Calulo, Quitondo, 2.ix.1957 (1 male, ZSSM).