Amerila puella (Fabricius) ssp. carneola (Hampson)

Male. Fw length 24-28 mm, larger than in the other subspecies; fw colour pale ochre-brown, the faint dark transverse discal band generally present; hw reddish pink, the apex not dark; otherwise as in the nominate subspecies.
Female. As male; abdomen dorsally yellow.

V puella carneola.GIF (6784 Byte)

Male genitalia
As in the nominate subspecies.
East Africa; from Ethiopia to Uganda and Tanzania.
Rhodogastria carneola Hampson, 1916: 239. Holotype male (examined): Nyasaland., Mt. Mlanje, 31.x.1913., S.A. Neave., 1914-171. / Rhodogastria carneola., type male. Hmpsn. / Type, H.T. [BMNH; abdomen dissected]. Type locality: MALAWI: Mt.Mlanje. Comb.n.
Rhodogastria carneola spp. nigricornis Debauche, 1938: 21. Holotype male (not examined): Kinchassa, Waelbroeck leg. [presumably in IRSN, but could not be located]. Type locality: ZAIRE. Syn.n.
Additional material examined. UGANDA: Central Province: Kampala, 1.vii.1932 (1 male, 1 female, BMNH). ETHIOPIA: Kefa: Jimma, 6.-11.v.1967 (3 males, ZMUC). KENYA: Marangu, 4800 ft., viii.1920 (1 female, BMNH); Western: Kakamega: Kakamega Forest, 2.-3.vii.1980 (4 males, 1 female, MB), 2.v.1984 (6 males, 3 females, MB), 1985 (1 male, MB), (1 male, 1 female, MB); Central: Kyambu, 18.vii.1919 (1 female, BMNH); Coast: Kwale: Shimba Hills, (3 males, MB). TANZANIA: Kilimanjaro: Moschi, 14.ii.1894 (1 female, BMNH); Arusha: Arusha, 3.-7.xi.1950 (1 male, BMNH). MALAWI: Southern: Zomba (1 female, BMNH).