Amerila puella (Fabricius) ssp. invidua (Bethune-Baker)

Male. Fw colour generally paler than in the nominate subspecies, pale ochre-brown, the faint dark grey transversal discal band absent; coloration of hw and body as in the nominate subspecies. Abdomen dorsally pale ochre with yellow, sometimes terminally a tint of pinkish red, ventrally pale ochre.
Female. As male; abdomen dorsally yellow.

puella invidua f 94-0041.GIF (7224 Byte)

Male genitalia
As in the nominate subspecies.
West Africa; from Senegal to Côte d'Ivoire.
Rhodogastria invidua Bethune-Baker, 1925: 327. Holotype female (examined): S.L. / Rhodogastria invidua Type B-B. / G.T.B.-Baker Coll., Brit.Mus. 1927-360. / Type / Arctiidae genitalia slide No. 4394 [BMNH; abdomen dissected]. Type locality: SIERRA LEONE. Comb.n.
Additional material examined. SENEGAL: Sédhiou, 1.-8.x.1917 (2 males, 1 female BMNH). SIERRA LEONE: 1889 (1 male, MNHU). Côte d'Ivoire: SE Sirasec, Séguébé, 9°11 N, 6°03 W, 11.xi.1983 (1 female, RS); Marahoue Ranch bei Mankono, 330-400m, 8.22N 6.23W, (1 male, RS); Bingerville, (1 ¢, 1 female, BMNH), 25.-30.viii.1915 (1 male, BMNH); Dimbrok, 1914 (1 male, BMNH).