Amerila rufifemur (Walker)

Female. Fw length 21 mm; fw creamy white to ivory-coloured, overall weakly scaled and almost transparent, except for the costal and hind margin; fw veins very narrowly lined with scales, slightly broader along discal vein; hw white, overall weakly scaled. Head, thorax, and base of abdomen dorsally ivory; tegulae without any black spots; legs overall ivory coloured, except for the inner sides of the fore legs which are pinkish red. Abdomen dorsally and ventrally yellowish ivory.
Male. Unknown.

rufifemur f 94-0018.GIF (5200 Byte)

Female genitalia
Bursa copulatrix small, corpus bursae with several small signa along a straight line, and one larger spine-bearing signa.
Central Africa; Angola and Zaire.
So far only known from two female specimens. This species is similar to A. lupia, which has a dorsally red coloured abdomen and shows some differences in the arrangement of the signa of the bursa copulatrix.
Canopus rufifemur Walker, 1855: 747. Holotype female (examined): Congo, A.Curror, 45-56 / 2. Canopus Rufifemur. / Type / Arctiidae genitalia slide No. 3528 [BMNH; abdomen dissected]. Type locality: ZAIRE.
Additional material examined. ANGOLA: Benguella, (1 female, BMNH).