Amerila syntomina (Butler) rubondoi ssp.n.

Male. Fw with a broader postdiscal transverse white band, widened towards the outer margin, but not reaching the costal margin; hw without a dark brown outer margin; fw base, head, and thorax without any red markings; other patterns as in the nominate subspecies.
Female. As male.
Male genitalia
Holotype male: Tanzania, Geita Distr, Rubondo Island, 1140 m 1.4.1991, A. BjØrnstad, 30432 / siehe Präparat Nr. 96-23, Chr.Häuser / Holotypus, Amerila syntomina ssp. rubondoi Häuser & Boppré [presented to BMNH; abdomen dissected]. Type locality: TANZANIA: Geita: Rubondo Island [in Lake Victoria]. Paratypes: same locality as holotype, 26.i.1991, 1 male, 1 female [BJ, SMNS].