This paper comprises a complete revision of the Afrotropical species of the genus Amerila (Rhodogastria auct.), based on adult morphology. Examination of type material for most described taxa has resulted in numerous taxonomic changes. From a total of 47 previously described African taxa, 35 species including 5 newly described species and 2 new subspecies are recognized. d_eucoptera m.JPG (10132 Byte)
Bild_abstract.JPG (8481 Byte) For 10 taxa, lectotypes have been selected, and for 1 species a neotype had to be designated. For each species, in addition to synonymy, a brief diagnosis based on external characters and genitalia is given, and the known distribution summarized. All species are illustrated by photographs and illustrations of male genitalia (except A. rufifemur, the male of which is unknown), and a key for determination of males by external characters is provided.