A. vitrea ssp. saalmuelleri (Rothschild, 1911)

Male. Ground colour of fw, head, and thorax slightly more reddish ochre than in the nominate subspecies; hw discal vein broadly lined with dark greyish brown scales giving a distinctive lunule-shaped marking; otherwise as in the nominate subspecies.
Female. As male.

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Male genitalia
Generally as in the nominate subspecies, but the shape of the valvae more rounded, and the cornuti on the vesica slightly longer.
Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.
This taxon had been accepted as a separate species (Strand, 1919; Gaede, 1926) until de Toulgoet (1980) placed it as a subspecies of A. vitrea, a conclusion reached independently by Muller (1980: 153).
Rhodogastria saalmuelleri Rothschild, 1911: 235. Synonymized with A. vitrea by de Toulgoet (1980: 39). Lectotype male (here designated): Morondava, Madagascar. / Rothschild Bequest, B.M.1939-1. / Lectotype male, Rhodogastria saalmuelleri des. by S. Muller 1980 / Lecto-Type / Arctiidae Genitalia Slide VU no. 11.16 / Arctiidae genitalia slide No. 3050 [BMNH; abdomen dissected]. Type locality: MADAGASCAR: Morondava.
Additional material examined. MADAGASCAR: Diego Suarez, 16.-29.vii.1917 (3 males, 2 females, BMNH); 50 km SE Diego-Suarez, foret d'Analamerana, 80 m, 29.i.-3.ii.1959 (1 male, BMNH); Loucoube, 10.xii.1883 (1 male, SMFM); Majungga (1 female, SMFM); Mayotte, Convalescence, 300 m, ix.1958 (1 male, BMNH); Tulear Pr., Manombo s.l., 31.iii.1968 (1 female, BMNH). COMOROS ISLANDS: Grande Comore, Moroni, 7.viii.1988 (1 female, SMNS).