Amerila brunnea bipartitoides ssp.n.

Male. Fw length 24-27 mm; fw greyish white, postdiscally the area between the radius and vein m2 transparent; fw veins finely lined with dark scales, but discal vein without a broader streak; hw pale greyish brown, darker at the apex and along the outer margin, yellowish towards the inner margin and around the anal angle, the central area less transparent than in the nominate subspecies; hw dorsally near the inner margin with long, hair-like, androconial scales; hw ventrally along the outer margin near the anal angle in most specimens with patches of a creamish white secretion(?). Head, thorax, and outer sides of femora and tibiae creamy white; inner sides of legs and all tarsi yellow; tegulae with a single black spot basally. Abdomen dorsally bright yellow, ventrally pale greyish white.
Female. Unknown.

brunnea bipar 95-0005.JPG (5956 Byte)

Male genitalia
As in the nominate subspecies.
East and South Africa; from southeastern Kenya to Zimbabwe.
The male of this subspecies are externally very similar to A. bipartita despite the considerable differences in genitalia. In A. brunnea bipartitoides, the fw ground colour is more pale grey, particularly in fresh specimens, the hw apical region is darker grey, and a distinct projection at the hw anal angle is absent. As the two taxa apparently co-exist for most of their ranges, the external similarity could be enforced by Müllerian mimicry. The nominate subspecies of A. brunnea occurs in western Kenya (Kakamega) and no intermediate forms between the two subspecies have been taken, but A. brunnea has not yet been recorded from central Kenya.
Holotype male: T.T.O.-Afrika, Makoa, 16.-20.ii.1959, Lindner leg. / Makoa, 6.-25.ii.59, Lindner leg. / Holotypus, Amerila brunnea spp. bipartitoides Häuser & Boppré [SMNS]. Type locality: TANZANIA: Chagga: Kilimanjaro W-side, Makoa. Paratypes: KENYA: Coast: Kwale: Shimba Hills, 1985 (1 male, MB). TANZANIA: Tanga: Mal.Inst. Amani, iv.1961 (1 male, BMNH), iv.1962 (1 male, BMNH), v.1962 (1 male, NMBZ), v.1965 (1 male, BMNH); E.Usambara, Amani, xi.1965 (2 males, BMNH, NMKE); Makoa, 7.-27.i.1959 (2 males, SMNS); Muhera, Amani, 2.i.1987, K.Kalumile (1 male, BJ); Kilombero, Sanje, 350 m, (3 males, BJ, MB).
Additional material examined. MOZAMBIQUE: Serra Rotanda, Mussopa R.Forest (1 male, NMBZ); Amatonga, 31.viii.1962 (1 male, NMBZ). ZIMBABWE: Honde Valley, Aberfoyle (1 male, MB); Vumba, 6.x.1963 (1 male, NMBZ), 4.i.1964 (1 male, NMBZ).