Identification key (external characters)

1 Fw upperside (apical region) and body white, ivory- or cream-coloured 2
– Fw upperside (apical region) and body grey, ochre or brown, central area of fw often in part or completely transparent 17

2 Abdomen dorsally white, pinkish or red 3
– Abdomen dorsally ivory, yellow or brown 9

3 Fw upperside evenly coloured (ivory or white) without any pattern or markings, except for dark veins or a narrow streak along the discal vein 4
– Fw upperside mostly white, discal area with a broad transverse black band, and black at the apex magnifica

4 Fw costal vein widened as an areole from the base to about one third of the winglength, total length of fw usually > 25 mm 5
– Fw costal vein not widened, without areole, total length of fw < 25 mm 8

5 Colour of upper wings and body plain white 6
– Colour of upper wings and body creamy white to dark ivory 7

6 Length of fw 23-25 mm, antennae black kiellandi
– Length of fw 26-29 mm, antennae brown niveivitrea

7 Colour of wings and body ivory-brown, tegulae with a black spot basally and another one distally, outer sides of femora and tibiae brownish fuscivena
– Colour of wings and body whitish cream-coloured, tegulae with a single black spot basally, outer sides of femora and tibiae whitish nigrivenosa

8 Fw white with a shade of grey or ivory, discal vein with a streak of dark scales, sometimes another faded line postdiscally, length of fw 18-21 mm, abdomen dorsally bright red or pink lupia
– Fw plain white, discal vein not with a dark streak, length of fw 21-25 mm, abdomen dorsally red suffused with white scales mulleri

9 Hw upperside, fw underside, and abdomen dorsally dark fuscous brown androfusca
– Hw upperside white or ivory-coloured, abdomen dorsally whitish cream-coloured or yellow 10

10 Fw costal vein widened to a short or longer areole, from the wing base to one third of the winglength 11
– Fw costal vein not widened, without an areole 13

11 Hw enlarged towards the inner margin, white on the anterior half but posteriorly cream-coloured, with long, wool-like hairs towards the anal margin howardi
– Hw not enlarged towards the inner margin and without long hairs, generally plain white 12

12 Fw costal vein with a short areole at base, tegulae with a single spot basally bubo
– Fw costal vein with a long areole from base to one third of the winglength, tegulae with two spots, one basally and another one distally catinca

13 Hw and fw distinctly different in color, fw greyish white or cream-coloured, hw yellowish to pale brown 14
– Hw and fw not different in color, cream- to ivory coloured 16

14 Fw upperside cream- or ivory coloured, postdiscally without transparent areas lineolata
– Fw upperside greyish white, postdiscally between radius and media fully or partly transparent 15

15 Hw outer margin distinctly concave towards the anal angle which forms a short projecting edge posteriorly, fw greyish brown bipartita
– Hw outer margin not or only slightly concave, without the anal angle projecting posteriorly, fw pale grey to greyish white brunnea ssp. bipartitoides

16 Length of fw 20-22 mm, tegulae without any black spot rufifemur female (male unknown)
Length of fw 29-32 mm, tegulae with a single black spot basally shimbaensis

17 Length of fw 17-18 mm, fw apex dark greyish brown, clearly differentiated in colour from the central and basal parts of the fw aldabrensis
– Length of fw usually > 22 mm, fw apex generally not much darker than the central or basal parts of the fw 18

18 Fw upperside dark brown, postdiscally with a broad transverse white band, tegulae with a longitudinal black stripe syntomina
– Fw postdiscally without a transverse white band, tegulae with one or two black spots 19

19 Abdomen dorsally yellow 20
– Abdomen dorsally red 21

20 Fw upperside and hw at apex and along outer margin dark greyish brown brunnea
– Fw upperside and hw at apex and along outer margin not very dark, pale brown thermochroa

21 Fw upperside greyish white, apical region dark grey or black nigroapicalis
– Fw upperside various shades of brown or ochre, often partly transparent, apical region not black 22

22 Fw densely scaled without larger transparent areas 23
– Fw centrally in part or fully transparent, sometimes suffused 24

23 Fw upperside pale to dark brown, with the discal cell and post-discally the area between radius and vein m3 transparent, hw dark brown anteriorly and pale ochre posteriorly leucoptera
– Fw upperside pale brown without clearly transparent areas, hw uniformely yellowish phaedra

24 Length of fw > 27 mm, often 30 mm or longer 25
– Length of fw generally < 26 mm 27

25 Fw reddish ochre, hw pinkish red, costal margin of fw nearly straight madagascariensis
– Fw and hw pale ochre to brown, not pink or red, costal margin of fw clearly curved 26

26 Fw pale ochre distally but darker brown postdiscally, discal vein with a broad dark brown streak bauri
– Fw uniformly pale brown, not noticeably darker postdiscally, discal vein only finely lined with brown scales femina

27 Fw with well defined, fully transparent areas, particularly sharply delimited towards the apex 28
– Fw only with partly transparent areas, generally suffused and not clearly defined, without a sharp border towards the apex 32

28 Fw distinctly pale greyish ochre to dark greyish brown, hw usually not pinkish or red 29
– Fw pale ochre to reddish brown but not grey, hw generally pinkish or red 31

29 Fw pale greyish ochre, underside of abdomen white or pale grey vitrea
– Fw greyish brown, underside of abdomen pale brown or pinkish ochre 30

30 Head and thorax dorsally pale greyish brown, length of fw 21-24 mm affinis
– Head and thorax dorsally dark greyish brown, length of fw 19-21 mm luteibarba

31 Fw dark ochre, discal area suffused with brown scales, hw distinctly pinkish or red fennia
– Fw pale ochre, discal area mostly transparent, hw only with a pinkish tint roseomarginata

32 Fw dark reddish brown, hw distinctly pinkish red 33
– Fw pale ochre to pale brown, if hw pinkish then fw with an oblique dark transverse discal band 34

33 Fw central transparent area almost completely suffused, dark brown accra
– Fw central transparent area only partly suffused, reddish brown makadara

34 Fw comparatively narrow, costal margin less curved towards the apex, often with a faint dark, transverse discal band puella
– Fw comparatively broad, costal margin more curved towards the apex, without any dark, transverse discal band 35

35 Fw transparent area comparatively more sharply delimited towards the apex, discal vein with a distinct brown streak castanea
– Fw transparent area comparatively less sharply delimited towards the apex, more suffused, discal vein only finely lined with brown scales vidua

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